About Us

Who are we?

We are in to the field of insurance survey and we are in touch with the end customer, who had lost their vehicle, Goods in transit and claimed for damages due to accident. Being in touch with the end customer, we understand the consequences of such losses. We did a detailed investigations and collected the statistics which reveals that the vehicle thefts are increasing and possibility of recovery is minimal. Even if your vehicle is recovered, it will be in damaged state or the parts may be missing. The insurance company pays the IDV or even nonstandard settlement which does not cover the real loss. Once the vehicle is lost, the need to track and recovery within 3 days is vital to recover vehicle in sound condition. We also have cordial, good relationship with all the Police station to quickly find the location of your valuables and rescue you from the danger. We take great pride in having the ability to meet our customer’s needs and provide superior service by monitoring your valuables 24 hours a day /7 days a week / 365 days per year. Our monitoring team resolves and responds anytime whenever you are in a helpless situation by missing your valuables.

In kidnapping cases, it is often said that finding the missing child after 24 hours is often difficult. But our GPS tracking device will help you in tracing the missing human in seconds. According to our survey, more than 60,000 children were kidnapped in 2017 and an immense increase of 30% kidnapping of Children & Women is continued in the current year. As we are into the field of investigation and analysis, we had accessed that every two hours a woman between the age group 18 – 30 are targeted and kidnapped. The worrying data is that the charge sheets are filed in only 40 % of the cases. The statistics shows the apprehension of Child & Women kidnapping among people is a burden as the missed ones are not mostly found.

While carrying out our research, the worrying new trend we found is abduction of wealthy businessmen or their family members for demanding high ransom and even after taking severe attempts of rescuing the abducted person, there is likelihood of many being killed by the abductors. Hence, it is advisory to keep an extra precautionary watch, using the safety measure of our device “Human Tracking” as early prevention and precaution.

Furthermore, recent figures indicate that theft of goods in transit is increasing day - by - day and not even 12% of the stolen goods or vehicles are recovered. In between the transit, we have heard many robbery incidents around us. Weknow very well that, CCTV footage in any incidents will help you to record the actual incident and involved persons. We provide GPS device with camera which helps you to record the incidents and we prevent you from dangerous situation by monitoring.

Hence,analysing our customer needs, we have come up with a solution and helping hand to track your person or object on all times, which is a greatest tool in prevention and precaution against loss of goods and person.

Why Choose Us

Whether your concern is of a person, vehicle, cash, materials or any asset, we help to secure your valuables. Use any web enabled computer, mobile can locate, as our device allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your loved ones and valuable properties on anytime and anywhere. Through our tracking process, the data is delivered to you on the spot.