Consignment Tracking

Logy track, supply chain management software that not only tracks your logistic or consignments. But, also useful for your asset tracking. It executes and controls the turnaround stream and capacity of merchandise. Our product creates opportunities for expanding global economy for transportation and distribution companies. It manages all the activity like transportation arrangements, inventory management, order entry, tour planning, fleet management and also provides the ocean, air as well as ground shipments consolidations.



Powerful dashboard is one of the best logistic management software features that allow you to monitor all the current activities of GPS location, number of delivery, device trip reports, vehicle speed and distance with all the duration. It provides a various GPS map to get perfect route as well as live data about which trucks are still waiting for unloading. It also helps to visualize and optimize operations with advanced data analysis.

  • Real time status of consignment fleet
  • Map view of extract location tracking
  • Trip analytics
  • Most distance covered by top 10 vehicles
  • Most travelled duration by top 10 vehicles
  • Generated violation in graphical representation


Consignment tracking software gives you a live tracking facility to track the entire asset as well as grab all details about consignment like current location, travel distance and speed and so on. Our server-side component that manages the status of the cloud base real-time database. So, if any unusual activities occur during the trip then we can easily track.

  • Real time status of On – Off trip object
  • Complete list of history trips
  • Detailed map view of trip
  • How many missed unwanted stops are there in trip
  • At what time bus has reached to/depart from the pickup/drop point


Reports are necessary for every business. In transportation, it is most important to get the entire summary or complete information about best consignment tracking origin to the end point, number of the trip, distance and duration of trip. It is Flexible to use single GPS logistics tracking software for multiple trips with multiple fleets.

  • Activity reports
  • Single object/group of object selection
  • Dynamic time frame selection
  • Sorting option for arrange analysis systematically
  • Customize report s per your need


Our user-friendly web interface is used for displays schedule information, storage-related details and vehicle locations. It also designed for planning and implementation of the each and every moment like goods and services from starting point to the destination.

  • Textual analytics along with graphical representation
  • Multiple views available to enhance user experience
  • Download any graphic view and textual report
  • Filter object by status in single click


Various alert options are available like SMS, Notification, Email etc. Also, notify when your transportation trip start or end, wrong route or border crossing, the fleet reached the destination, Ignition On/Off and so on. Also, customize features are there to send notifications which are based on shipment.

  • Multiple alert on multiple object can be defined on single screen
  • More than 50 kind alerts are supported
  • Get an alert via SMS, Email or App notification
  • One alert can be generated on multiple recipients
  • Define your own condition in any alert


  • 01

    Benefits of integration with ERP, businesses need to integrate their ERP systems with their other enterprise systems
  • 02

    Advance trip analysis beat competitive by organizing your transport business with logy track. It will help you to minimize cost, minimize risk factor and improve your customer service as well.
  • 03

    Provide real time notification when your delivery process start or end, wrong route, border crossing or reached the destination, Ignition On/Off and so on
  • 04

    No need to required extra hardware. Your SIM card will be replaced into virtual GPS tracker. Also, minimize the cost. For example, no need to buy a smart phone, your normal phone become virtual GPS mobile tracker to track your vehicle
  • 05

    Driver of particular asset can be verified document then after manage all activity by online. Also, facilities are there to give rate the driving performance which is completely depends on driving behavior.
  • 06

    If you use multiple transporters service then it necessary to analyze each and every vehicle or fleet as per their vehicle number, location, origin to destination of transportation etc.