Field Task Monitoring System

Task Eye, the best task management system which is the best part to enhance your company environment and productivity than ever. Actually, work productivity is the key to success in any business. Task Eye gives the opportunity to access task and to-do list at any time, from anywhere. In short, it becomes your task manager and helps to manage work in real time. Task management software includes project management, field staff real time tracking, task status, task summary with notes, images and recordings.


Mobile Dashboard

The dashboard of our employee management solution keeps all the tasks in a single place. So, you can easily access all tasks without wasting a valuable time to find it. It also helps to improve collaboration by share files or documents, feedback, avoid losing work and information, project schedules, live task tracking, team workload calendar and hit to deadlines.

  • Today’s task summary
  • See task on geographical location
  • List view is available for better understand
  • Set Online/Offline status as per your need

Task Execution


  • Set priorities and start your work
  • Task summary
  • Advance task completion report


Expense history option is there to track the traveling expenditure because expense management solution is the part of your business needs. It helps to better communication between both the manager and employee.

  • See all expense reports
  • Expense details in lit view format
  • Attach document or file of expense

Leave Management

Task Eye makes easy to manage employee’s leave which is beneficial for both employees as well as a manager. An employee can be asked for leave by using a mobile app and same way manager can accept or reject it.

  • Check how many leave or left
  • See leave approve, pending or reject status
  • Check how many leave are left

Web Dashboard

Managing field employees with their daily task is never easy job. Task Eye web dashboard built for managers to keep eye on tasks allocated to their employee. It provides key analytics to get exact idea of your employee performance. Summarized expense for better forecast of your business.

  • Task filter by the assigned user, Due date, status etc
  • All task summaries by different object.
  • Top 10 Performance reports
  • Travelling expense in chart format
  • Top 10 Leave takers.


Live tracking is not only created to track our employee, it builds for release the burden of our employee. An employee who works on field takes a picture or field information in real time and sends it to our employee management system. Get the exact location of an employee on the geographical map so there is no any incorrect information will pass by employees.

  • Complete employee work details in single screen
  • Check particular status in-depth
  • Employee time tracking report


Reports can evaluate your day-to-day workflow and also analyzed how much time to spend behind the particular projects. Also, helps to improve the performance of the team member and encourage to complete work with a deadline.

  • Activity reports
  • Single object/group of object selection
  • Dynamic timeframe selection
  • Report downloaded in different format


Employee Attendance

Manage attendance is a very simple task but Task Eye makes it the simple way. In this section, you can view your employee presence information as graphically. Also, track a real-time location.


One of the main functionalities that can help the project manager is to assign tasks, review assign tasks, manage shift, employee attendance, view work progress and many more. In short, charts can be maintained as well as monitoring all the activity related tasks and make it simple to generate and productivity.


Task alert via SMS/notification informs you that particular task work properly or not. Also, notify when preceding process steps, some changes occur, reached milestones, enter and exit from geofence, low battery, reached, depart and passed from POI.

Image Verification

Manage all the expenditures of an employee who works in the field. The user just captures all the pictures of bill, document, task completion and other attachment