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Secure Tracking Solution makes the customer feel secured by its name and it provides information to determine the start and end of their day of any human, vehicles and Material. The motive of the company is fixing a GPS device and monitoring your valuables with the help of Satellite in real time 24/7. Secure Tracking solution provides services for…

Vehicle Tracking

A Vehicle Tracking unit from Secure Tracking Solution improves business performance and customer service as we provide with many additional hardware options as per the business operational requirements. This will support for any organization for the fleet management as the employer can track the vehicle driver activity, current location, engine on/off status, AC on/off, over speed, travel distance, Fuel management, material monitoring etc. We also provide alerts to the concerned person if the vehicle travels beyond the specified boundary or the vehicle is idle for certain period in a same place. Thus system plays a vital role in lowering the operating cost.

When your vehicle is at dangerous circumstances, you will immediately receive ‘Red Alert Notification’ via messages and also voice call alert from our customer care centre. Our Representatives will also react in taking action to protect your vehicle from the risk.


Movable Asset Tracking

Movable Asset Tracking helps to monitor the Assets and high valued material transportation from starting point to the Destination. We, Secure Tracking Solution also benefit our customers with Moveable Asset Tracking to protect business assets from theft. If you are in need of safety transportation of your moveable assets like cash, Jewels and any other high value materials, you can chose our secure GPS tracking. In case of any break in between the transportation, we will immediately reach the spot with the help of our manual support. And therefore, we give the solution and help to reach the destination safely.

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    If the vehicle driver takes a break for rest or while consuming food in a hotel, it is found that many of the goods are stolen during that short time period. In this situation, we give the alert option while the material is loaded and unloaded.
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    We give our own representative for each 25 kms of your material transportation. They will monitor and help to reach the destination safely. Any discomfort, they will help you on the spot. Also, a special team includes Ex-service man with Gun, Self – defence expert and a technician ( flying squad) will be accompanying along with the vehicle and help to reach the end point safely. (This service is provided based on customer requirement)
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    In case of robbery during material transportation, our flying squad team will inform the nearby police station. And with the help of police, we protect your material from robbery.

Human Tracking

Human Tracking is a virtual safety net provided by Secure Tracking Solution for children, teenagers, women, elders and businessmen. Our GPS device will give you peace of mind as the movements of your loved ones are monitored with full time tracking. It is a super safe device which helps in rescuing any human from danger.

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    With the help of our Geo fence technology, you can lively monitor your children. When they had crossed the specified area or missing, we alert you with notifications through SMS or a voice call from our customer care
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    In case of danger situation for drivers, passengers, owners, businessmen etc we provide you help with SOS technique. The device will have an SOS button and the person who is in danger can press the SOS button which gives alert messages to us. So that, we can help you at right time.
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    If a client or client related persons had a diversion in their regular route of travelling, we give immediate alert messages based on the client’s requirements.
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    In case of a person number is not reachable or if you felt the person is unsafe, we help you after verifying the both side relationship and then fulfill the requirements.