What we do for you…

Secure Tracking Solution makes the customer feel secured by its name and it provides information to determine the start and end of their day of any human, vehicles and Material. The motive of the company is fixing a GPS device and monitoring your valuables with the help of Satellite in real time 24/7. Secure Tracking solution provides services for…


  • Track the location of the buses through a web-interface & Mobile.
  • Monitor bus stops and real time location
  • Live video monitoring
  • Entry/exits from schools/ bus yards status.
  • SMS will be triggered to each parent when the bus leaves the school premises.
  • SMS will be triggered to parents before 1 stops prior to their pick up point  so that they can reach the pickup points accordingly.
  • Emails will be sent to parents as well as school authority to notify the routes
  • Fuel Monitoring (Fuel Telematics, Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Fueling, Draining, Fuel History);   - Fuel Saving, Fuel Economy
  • Daily , Weekly & monthly reports given based on customer request.
  • Geo-fence/ POI
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Expense History


  • Trip management
  • Tracking
  • Report
  • Manager App
  • Driver App
  • Parent App


  • Live monitoring through geo-fence technology
  • Keep track of employees Family members or anyone you need to monitor with a personal GPS tracking device from Secure.
  • Prompt location alerts & location history, Receive alerts via email, SMS and push notifications on iOS® and Android® devices
  • Route-History Playback
  • Employee Attendance,
  • Leave request / Approval Status
  • Work hour,
  • Live location track,
  • Employee Task History /Daily Expenses with invoices.
  • Add POI
  • Travel / Trip Report
  • Stoppage/ Idle
  • Inactive Report


  • 24 *7 Live Tracking
  • Vehicle arrival and departure, route violation alerts to the customers & owners (Geo-fence based)
  • Loading / Unloading Alerts
  • Alert on door intrusion
  • Built in Battery back up
  • On/ off Trip Activity Status
  • Actual Trips/ Summary/ Vehicle trip Summary / Travel Summary/ Area Status
  • Lead/ Distance/ Validation
  • Audio / Video Surveillance
  • Engine / AC On / Off Report
  • Remote Help Instantly
  • Theft Alerts to the concerned person
  • Trip Exception Summary
  • Miss Delivery
  • Speed/ Trip Halt/ Driving Violation
  • Frequent Stoppage Deviation
  • Fuel Dashboard/ Fuel Fill/ Fuel Usage summary
  • Maintenance Reminder / Distance /Duration Summary
  • Generate self Invoice
  • Daily , Weekly & monthly reports given based on customer request
  • Apply area wise entry, exit and speed limit rules


  • 24*7 Live Monitoring
  • Flying Squad support
  • Man power Support on the spot