Smart Bus Management

Smart Bus, the best monitoring and notification GPS tracking software is available for School Bus, College Bus, Company Staff bus or any commercial bus and transport vehicles which is divided into three parts: Parents, Driver and Management. It also works as a GPS base smart bus tracking system because student safety is our main concern. Alert notification is available where you can easily manage all the activities related to scheduling, rescheduling, managing routes, pick up & drop location and driver change the bus routes.


Trip management

It provide a user-friendly interface. So, you can optimize your routes considering ongoing changes in pick-up points. Our smart bus management software automatically generates the most efficient route with existing data by using an auto-routing algorithm.

  • Add/Manage pickup–drop point with just few clicks
  • Search any student and add them into trip
  • Set as many schedule as per your needs for the trip
  • Ad emergency bus in any schedule
  • Help is always available at every step to make it easy


Smart bus management software has one of the best features is to monitoring live update of all the activity. It is necessary to get real-time updates when your child is on the school bus. And also monitor school bus GPS routing to ensure on-time arrivals with the current speed from the start of the morning trip to the moment the child returns home.

  • Real time status of On – Off trip object
  • Complete list of history trips
  • Detailed map view of trip
  • How many missed unwanted stops are there in trip
  • At what time bus has reached to/depart from the pickup/drop point


Varieties of reports are available to get all the information like Trip Attendance, Student Attendance, Pickup & Drop points, Driver Performance and Driving Speed. All students have RFID card which can help to view student timesheet report. Our real-time reporting facility assists to act quickly to improve student safety

  • Activity reports
  • Single object/group of object selection
  • Dynamic time frame selection
  • Easy scheduling


  • 01

    RFID that means Radio Frequency Identification for Kids which is works as a reader and integrated into the same customized hardware. It also helps to take student attendance with accuracy.
  • 02

    By using the Smart Bus, parents can request the change of the route for their child safety. It can be done simply using parents app, knowing that it will quickly notify the school administrator school management.
  • 03

    Camera option is integrated with a system to take a picture of students or activity inside the school bus. It will be possible in two ways: Automated periodical or manual image capture.
  • 03

    Driving performance completely depends on driving behavior. Not only work as a vehicle tracker but also track the driver misbehaving with a student during the trip, over speeding, avoid safety gears etc...
  • 04

    "Driver App" can be used as a GPS device to remove dependency of additional tracker

Mobile App

It is the most useful school bus tracking app that not only makes the school management more profitable. Drive and parent also benefit because student safety is the main concern for them. Advantage of this smart bus is real time tracking that’s gives you a GPS tracking platform where you can easily manage all the activities related to scheduling, rescheduling, managing routs, pick up & drop location and a lot of more..

Parent App

An accurate notification system helps to keep updated with Child traveling in School bus. Parents can track exact location of bus which removes their waiting time at the pickup-drop point. Apart from this, it also tracks until the bus reaches to school after picking their child

Manager App

This app is designed in a way to reduce all hurdle of School Manager to manage trips, buses and students. It helps from create trips to analysis of trips done by all buses. It also recognizes missed points, unauthorized stoppages and delay in completed trips.

Driver App

A driver is the responsible person for the safety of all students during his driving. So, we can minimize the workload to maintain the records like attendance reports, trip management, traffic measurement etc... And focus on student safety first.